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Hotel Regina Cristina CapriHotel Regina Cristina Capri is a 4 star hotel representative of the island's reputation as a high brow holiday resort. With top class international service, fine quality fixtures and fittings and even finer views, it's difficult to find a more luxurious retreat in a more idyllic setting. Excursions and boat tours also available.

Hotel Official Website
Hotel Address Via Federico Serena, 20 80073 – Capri

Hotel Casa Caprile CapriThe Hotel Casa Caprile on the stunning Italian Island of Capri, off the coast of Naples, is set in its own botanical paradise designed especially to invigorate the senses of none other than Queen Victoria of Sweden until the 1950’s. Now an affordable 3 star hotel, this accommodation gem opens the door to the millionaire’s playground of Capri.

Hotel Official Website
Hotel Address Via Follicara, 80071, Capri, Italy

The Amalfi Coast region has long been a top destination for Italians in the summer time with its warm blue Mediterranean waters, white sandy beaches and stunning panoramic views from atop its high, jagged and mountainous coastline. Its geographical vicinity to other great places of interest such as Mount Vesuvius, Pompeii, Ercolana, the city of Naples and the islands of Ischia and Capri make it a choice destination for a driving holiday or a diversion on a cultural tour-de-force of Italy.
Primarily a summer destination, visitors to Amalfi can expect to find great restaurants in even the smallest hotels – and the food culture in this part of the world is exceptional even by Italian standards. The region is also famous for its Limoncello – a sweet liquor made from the finest sun-kissed lemons in the world.




Towns on the Amalfi Coast
The town that lends its name to this whole coastal region and once the centre of a small yet powerful seafaring republic, Amalfi's Cathedral is home to the remains of St Andrew.
This less touristy yet very beautiful town sits between Positano and Amalfi on the winding coast road and is home to the regions only nightclub, as well as spectacular sea views.
This famous coastal resort has been one of southern Italy's top destinations for many years and offers a stunning backdrop to the relaxing holiday of your dreams here on the Mediterranean Coast.
The largest town on the Sorrentine peninsular, the small city of Sorrento is famous for many things, among them its beautiful white beaches an coves and great accessibility to the surrounding areas.
The administrative capital of the region, the city of Salerno is home to the world's first ever school of medicine and offers a wealth of cultural/historical interest as well as a relaxing summer holiday.

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