Weddings in Rome

3 Beautiful Four Star Hotels To Have Your Wedding

If you are looking to book your wedding venue in the beautiful city of Rome in Italy then we would highly recommend the following 4 star hotels for your wedding in Rome.


Kolbe Hotel Rome

Hotel Kolbe Rome Wedding

If you choose to celebrate your special day at the Kolbe Hotel Rome, you are also choosing to be surrounded by the magnificence of ancient Rome, with being only a few steps from the most popular places of the historical centre. The hotel is also adjacent to the church of San Giorgio in Velabro, and the apse of the church is even inside the hotel garden. The eternal city surrounding you will make your most special day unforgettable!



Hotel Ponte Sisto Rome

Hotel Ponte Sisto Rome Wedding

Getting married at the 4 star Hotel Ponte Sisto in Rome will leave you unforgettable memories with experienced professionals that will help guide you through the organization of your big wedding day. Solutions and fittings designed and tailored for you, as well as an extraordinary & impeccable catering service that will work hard for you in order to make your most special day in Rome just as you want it to.



Voi Hotel Donna Camilla Savelli Rome

Voi Hotel Donna Camilla Savelli Rome

If you are looking to have your wedding within the charmingly romantic and ancient district of Trastevere with its quaint medieval cobbled streets and hanging flowers then Voi Donna Camilla Savelli is a hidden jewel of splendour and grand romance! Originally a 17th Century monastery, the buildings and complex were designed by one of the greatest architects of all time and a master of the Roman Baroque period – Borromini.

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